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REGISTER NOW, SESL 2007 for 9-12 Grade Student Teams--Deadline Jan. 25, 2007

Looking for student teams from NH high schools to join us in the 2nd annual SESL Challenge.


Register by Jan. 25, 2007! Deadline extended due to ice storms.

(Download registration form at www.ussesl.org).

Participation is FREE to all school districts; Student Teams can Win Scholarship Awards.

SESL seeks to foster social capital, build community, and create ties between Grades 9-12 high school students and their local community through an exciting, nine-week competition.

The challenge begins with a kickoff event, February 1, 2007 at SNHU, Manchester, NH.

Working collaboratively with local businesses and civic leaders, teams of 5-8 students will identify an area of need or opportunity in the community. Their project may fall into one of six categories:

§ Education

§ Arts

§ Environment

§ Health

§ History/Culture

§ Wildcard

“As educators, we all say, ‘Oh how much deeper I could get with a smaller class size’—Well this is it! Students learned all of the valuable skills involved in the process from organizing to presenting as well as teamwork, but just as important I could see them bonding and growing into more active adult citizens. The District appreciated the prestige it got from Stevens High School’s participation in the program—not to mention the accolades they received for placing in the top three.”
David Hardy, Stevens High School

“Since the SESL Challenge 2006, the Merrimack Biodiesel Crew was awarded a Youth Venture Grant, a Lemelson MIT Inventeam Grant and has procured 3 buses for biodiesel study. Participation in SESL has provided my students with an introduction to project management, grant application and group presentation skills. It has changed the career and academic choices of some of the students in the program. One of last year’s seniors met a professor at UNH through work for this program and the student was offered a scholarship the following week and is now a freshman there. For the district it has been highlighted as student excellence by the area press and saved the district $45,000 it would have spent on student activity buses.” Tray Sleeper, Merrimack High School

LEARN MORE ABOUT SESL 2007 by Calling: 603-715-5515 or
Emailing: efoy@leadershipteacher.org.

DOWNLOAD Registration Form At: www.ussesl.org
FAX Registration To: 603-715-5517
MAIL REGISTRATION: SESL 2007, c/o Leadership Teacher, 12 Morgan Drive, Bow, NH 03304.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: $1,000; $600; $300.

**Participation is FREE! School Districts Responsible For Travel Costs To Program Events.**

Social Entrepreneurial Student Leadership Challenge FAQ
Transforming Dreams into Reality

When will the SESL Challenge take place?
January 22, 2007 is the registration deadline for all SESL 2007 Teams
(Visit www.usses.org to download a registration form and to hear what students have to say in SESL 2006 Program Video)

February 1, 2007 Kickoff at SNHU, Manchester, NH, 9:00-3:00pm—Includes lunch

February 15, 2007 Video Workshops, 3-4:30pm, Teams link in from local sites

March 6, 2007 Video Workshops, 3-4:30pm, Teams link in from local sites

March 19, 2007 Video Workshops, 3-4:30pm, Teams link in from local sites

April 7, 2007
SESL Final Challenge Presentations, 9:00-4:00pm
Boys & Girls Club of Souhegan Valley, Milford, NH—Includes lunch

May 16, 2007 SESL teams invited to present at the Real World Education Conference 2007 at SNHU!

How will the SESL Challenge benefit your high school students?
The SESL Challenge provides:
Opportunities for students to network with businesses
Experiential learning opportunities
Student-directed learning
Leadership and team management experience
Community service hours
Exposure to best practices in businesses around project management
Experience applying researching to real world outcomes
Experience in public speaking
Scholarship awards

Do students need to have a project in mind before the Challenge begins?
It is helpful for teams to have a general idea in mind. The kickoff on February 1st will help students develop their ideas.

How many teams are schools allowed to send?
Schools may send an unlimited number of teams.

How many students can be on a team?
We recommend that teams consist of 5-8 students, although teams smaller & larger have participated.

What will teams present?
Students will present researched PowerPoint presentations that present a solution to a community need. Presentations focus on one of six topics: arts, education, environment, history/culture, health, or wildcard (anything goes!).
An SESL workbook will be distributed to students on the kickoff day.

How will teams be judged at the SESL Challenge Presentations?
Team will be judged on a variety of factors such as the feasibility of their project, creativity, and the presentation itself. Judgments are based on a rubric which will be distributed to students during the kickoff.

Who judges the teams?
A panel of community members who are leaders in their field will judge the final student presentations.

What are the scholarship awards?
First, second, and third place cash awards will be given to the highest scoring teams, with the intention that students use this money to further their educational endeavors.
1st Place: $1000; 2nd Place: $600; 3rd Place: $300

What is a mentor?
A mentor is a liaison between a student team and SESL. They are a resource and sounding board for the team. SESL recommends that teams report to the mentor weekly. Team projects are student-directed and the mentor will not be responsible for any of the work.

Who can be a mentor?
Mentors may be teachers, parents, businesspersons, or any school-approved community member.

How will mentors benefit?
Mentors will receive a $25 gift certificate to Staples and have the opportunity to earn three (3) graduate practicum credits in education from Plymouth State University for $309/credit.

US-SESL Challenge 2007 Registration Form:
Please visit www.ussesl.org to download a registration form or email efoy@leadershipteacher.org to ask for a copy to be emailed to you.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” -Lau Tzu

Please submit the completed form by January 22nd, 2007. Forms may be mailed or faxed:

Leadership Teacher, SESL Challenge 2007, 12 Morgan Drive, Bow, NH 03304

Faxed #: 603-715-5517

Once again this year, there is no fee for participation in this real world experiential learning program.

School districts will be responsible for all transportation costs to and from events.

Teams are expected to participate in scheduled meetings and at the video conferences.

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