Leadership Teacher
Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

Submitted By: ddanhof@sau40.com

Affiliate Group: LT I Central NH, 2010/2011

School District: Milford, NH

Grade Level: elementary, middle, high school

Intended Audience: Students

Standards Addressed:
Reading – Vocabulary Strategies

GLE R62 – Students identify the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary by using strategies to unlock meaning.
GLE R63 – Show breadth of vocabulary knowledge though demonstrating understanding of word meanings and relationships.

Curricular Connection:
These vocabulary activities may be used across many disciplines.

Students will interact with vocabulary words and make them “their own.”

These strategies are well suited for addressing vocabulary in social studies or science; they can be beneficial with any curriculum to provide effective vocabulary scaffolding.

Vocabulary strategies may be used before, during, or after a chapter or unit.

Words chosen by the teacher from the chapter or unit.

Select the vocabulary organizer and vocabulary.

Background Information:
Vocabulary graphic organizers provide strategies to actively and mentally engage the students. By using drawings, synonyms, categories, examples, and other connections, students are able to explore the relationship among words and their meanings.

Teaching Suggestions:
Choose one of the three Graphic Organizers to suit your lesson.

See the attachments for:

• Word Triangle – Triangle with definition at bottom, term used in a sentence in the middle, and a drawing of the term at the top

• Four Square – Term in middle of square divided into four sections: definition, characteristics, examples, nonexamples

• Magnet Word – Term written on a magnet with other terms or phrases that are conceptually related on lines around it

• Sort Cards – One term on each card to be used for sorting into categories