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Power Point Emotions

Submitted By: mreddick@sau50.org

Affiliate Group: LT I Seacoast, 2010/2011

School District: Greenland SAU Office,

Grade Level: 4

Intended Audience: Students

Standards Addressed:
W:OC:1.2 In oral communication students use resources to improve the content of their oral and written presentation skills.

ISTE Multimedia Purpose and Use: Develop and plan a powerpoint presentation using the powerpoint program and photobooth software.

Curricular Connection:
Apply technology skills during the creation of a digital thesaurus for eight emotions. Each emotion will be on a separate powerpoint slide and each slide will include two synonmyms for the original emotion.

Develop and plan a powerpoint presentation.

Reinforce and practice technology skills.

1. The learners will create a powerpoint presentation using the Photo Booth program.

2. To demonstrate and guide students in the creation of a digital thesaurus for eight different emotions, providing two synonyms for each one.

3. Reinforce and practice technology skills, presentation skills and the use of resources to improve word choice.

The presentation will consist of eight headshots in which the learner has used different facial expression to demonstrate emotions.

Depends on time and the targeted age group.

emotions: happy/glad/joyful

* Read "My Many Colored Days" and discuss different mood words.
* Demonstrate how to add slides, take photos with photo booth, add pictures, text boxes sounds and transitions
* Demonstrate how to use a Thesaurus

Background Information:
Observe to see if students can:
* tAdd a slide
* take photos
* import photos
* Add backgrounds
* Add transitions
* Add sounds
* Add text boxes

Teaching Suggestions:
Work with Technology Technician/support staff to plan activity and provide support as needed.

Discussion Questions:
What does each emotion look like? Can you show me? Let's take pictures and see if you can demonstrate what it feels like..What are words to describe what you are feeling?

Reinforcing Activities:
Students will watch the Power Point presentations and use a thesaurus to check each other's synonym choices.