Leadership Teacher
Teacher-to-Teacher Journal

Submitted By: kbassett@laconia.k12.nh.us

Affiliate Group: LT I Central NH, 2010/2011

School District: Laconia SAU Office,

Grade Level: All

Intended Audience: Teachers

This simple communication tool can be used be by any group or pair of teachers, or anyone on staff, to ease communications in spite of our sometimes isolated days in our classrooms. This can work between Special Ed., classroom teachers, and student teachers as well.

This tool is simple, and any teacher probably already has a type of notebook or journal sitting around their classroom. The only materials you need is are notebook with paper in it and something to write with (staple a chunk of papers together to create your own customized look!).

We've all used these as a tool between parents and teachers, a "communication log" between home and school. But how about using them between teachers? Sometimes our days get so busy that we think of things during the day and forget to tell our grade-level teams. We make mental notes about our students with IEP's but forget to tell the SPED teachers. We have a quote from a student that we don't want to forget.

If you have a communication journal between you and another teacher, you can write anything in there and set it on the other teacher's desk anytime. When that teacher has time to look at it, they respond and send it back. This works between student teachers too, and can help avoid the unwelcome student eavesdropper! This tool has improved communication immensely between teachers I've worked with. It is a place to share ideas, concerns, lists of things to discuss later, and even funny quotes or stories that must be shared!