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Mirror The News

Submitted By: reliason@laconia.k12.nh.us

Affiliate Group: LT I Central NH, 2010/2011

Grade Level: 11-12

Intended Audience: Students

Standards Addressed:
Journalism Competencies:

1. Students will understand that reading different texts, such as newspapers, magazine/Internet articles/editorials, advertisements, and fiction with understanding and appreciation is essential for them to succeed as learners, both in school and throughout their lives, and to become contributing members of society.

2. Students will understand that through writing for a variety of purposes and audiences, they can transmit information, construct and communicate ideas for academic, personal, occupational, and public uses.

3. Students will understand that speaking purposefully and articulately, and listening and viewing attentively and critically, such as news programs/editorials, advertisements, and films, are essential to becoming confident, responsible, adaptive, and fluent communicators.
4. Students will understand that reading nonfiction, fiction, and informational texts is an essential means of acquiring, constructing, and expressing knowledge in all school subjects and in succeeding in educational, occupational, civic, social, and everyday settings.

5. Students will understand that current and future learning skills and tools are needed to become active and productive citizens in our global community.

6. Students will understand that the skills of effectively gathering, organizing, and evaluating are essential in order to critically process and effectively use

The objectives of this lesson:

1. Use newspapers to connect world events to a local level.
2. Use current events as the basis of a writing assignment.
3. Produce intellectual accountability for world and local events.

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Article Focus

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Background Information:
This lesson was in response to a class discussion about the lack of school connection to the "real world". This lesson requires students to read newspaper articles from national and local newspapers and develop their own article based on their interests and what they found.

Discussion Questions:
What drives national news?
What do you notice about the news cycle?
How do different news companies treat the same story?

Reinforcing Activities:
This activity becomes an article that is assessed as a writing grade.