Leadership Teacher
Snowball activity

Submitted By: jbrown@sau50.org

Affiliate Group: LT I Seacoast, 2010/2011

School District: Greenland SAU Office,

Grade Level: 4-12

Intended Audience: Teachers

Standards Addressed:
There are no formal foreign language standards, but there are guidelines. This activity addresses the "communication" guideline.

To review new vocabulary regarding ordering in a cafe
To practice speaking the language
To have fun

Each student receives a question or answer to write down on a piece of paper. They can use their books to make sure the spelling is correct. Then they are arranged in a circle. When I say "Il neige!", they throw their crumbled paper in the air and the "snowballs" fall in the circle. They then walk around and try to match their questions and answers. Ex. "L'addition, s'il vous plait!" (check, please) and "Tout de suite!" (right away) When they match up, they move back to the circle until everyone is done. The first time through, I go around and they say what they have to make sure everyone is right. After that, there's no need. It's great because they are all using the language and having fun. I usually do several rounds of it. That way, they get to review more of the vocabulary.
This can be used in other subject areas as well. Anything that can be matched up will work.Just make sure you have one for each student. If there is an odd number, one student can help check.