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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups


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Snowball activity
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Mirror The News
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Resource Scarcity Game/Project
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Career Cluster Introduction
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Teacher-to-Teacher Journal
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Power Point Emotions
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Vocabulary Graphic Organizers
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Here is a sampling of articles from our database:

Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

Power Point Emotions

Teacher-to-Teacher Journal

Career Cluster Introduction

Resource Scarcity Game/Project

Mirror The News


Snowball activity

Personal Shield

Understanding Preferences in Group Work

Customized License Plates

Match Up

Teaching Fluency with Poetry

Ancient Egypt Project S. Morris

Habitat Movie

Self-Advocacy Curriculum

Who Knows Who

Freshman Parent Tea/Coffee Hour

English 10 Career Guidance Project

Group Initiatives

Technology Career Brochure

I Have...Who Has?

Forward Thinking

Scrambled Eggs

The Painted Essay

Harrington O'Shea Career Decision Making for Juniors

Salute-math fact fluency

Creating a community of learners

Figure It Out


Keeping students work completion organized

Your Checking Account Provided by Holy Rosary CU

Techniques for keeping students engaged during lectures, discussions, and content reviews.

1928 - 1941 Project Radio Newscast

United Streaming

Study Skills

China Study

Pithy Quote

Assignment Calendars

Career Exploration Day

C.O.P.S. (Acronym for Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, and Spelling)

Thanks A Latte

Video Editing In the Classroom

Choices: Exploring Careers

Repeated Reading Activities

Finals Project

Keynote Presentation

Parent Teacher Conference Choices

Career Resources

Mathematics Self-Evaluation

Student Led Conferences

Santa Letters

Accounting Monopoly

Ms. Takes

Weekly Parent Newsletter and Monthly Student Progress Sheet

Responsive Classroom: The Morning Meeting

Online Student Career Plan and Portfolio

Geometry Stained Glass Unit

Independent Investigation Method of Research for K-12

MLA Work Cited and Research Strategy Tip Sheets

Student/Teacher Conferencing During Independent Reading

Math Enrichment for a Differentiated Classroom

Bedroom Project

Practice Applying for a Job

Creating a Respectful Environment


Tracking Sheet for Transition

The Human Barometer

Creating a Gameboard

Electronic Pink Sheets

Lesson: 1 Intro to Dance Dance Revolution

Choose Your Grade!!!

Interpreting Artifacts

Connected Calendar - Daily Internet Investigations

Using the Alphabet to Enhance Curriculum

Math Diary

Making Biodiesel

Missing Assignment Sheets

Reflection Redefined

Student Math Reference Folder

Weather System Progression Chart

Title- Modern Imperialism and Feudalism

Raising the Bar in Manufacturing

Problem solving made fun and easy!

Student Comic Books as an assessment tool

Assessing the Impact of an Historical Event - The Reichstag Fire

A Classroom Behavioral Management Tool

Where are you going? How will you get there?

Student Goal Setting

Personal Portfolios

Manipulating the Communication Process

White Boards are the Write Boards

Community Elder Portrait Project

Graphic Organizers in Practice

Fashion Statements

Excellence In ADVERTISING Project

Decoding made easy.

Rocks Go 'Round and 'Round - The Rock Cycle

"Check It Out" FDIC Money Smart Financial Ed. Unit

Name Acronym

The Mysterious White Cube

Medieval Castle building challenge

Fishbowl Discussions

Personal Finance - Introduction to Decision Making

Pop Quiz: Are You A Good Person?

Kindergarten/Fourth Grade Reading Buddies Using Technology to Publish a Book

The Nacirema

Interest Inventory

Where's the Math in Quilting?

Pirates of the Past

Face it, it's in your genes!

The Architect's Puzzle

Spreadsheet Problem Solving

Exploring Systems

Virtual Voyage

Soil Activity

Classical Conditioning Experiment

Career Research

Curriculum Portfolios and Content Area Reflections

Web-Based Activities

Signal Cards

Class Activities Timeline

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